Quantum Metaphysics

Redefining Science

professional clairvoyants have always claimed to access the brain's untapped potential. When the lines of science and mysticism start to become entwined, there's one field of scientific endeavor that inevitably takes center stage. Quantum metaphysics is the exploration of the mind's capabilities, at the cutting edge of science. It challenges accepted scientific theories and redefines the relationship between spiritualism and the physical world.

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The Premise Behind Quantum Thinking

According to great thinkers like Newton and Einstein, particles act in the same way the majority of the time. It has been proven that particles are constantly moving too. However, when it comes to extremely small particles, they act in a similar manner to waves. Quantum metaphysics examines this phenomena, where things do not behave in accordance with conventional scientific laws.

Parallel Universes

Many astrophysicists and physicists support the idea that there are parallel worlds, and some even believe that there could be several universes. The "multiverse" (i.e. multiple universe) theory is a hotly contested scientific concept. Numerous academics have said that the existence of parallel universes is perfectly consistent with the laws of physics, as we currently understand them.

Further Evidence

The Planck space telescope has provided data that backs up the notion that our universe could be one of many. Scientists have used this data to create a detailed map of background cosmic relic radiation (otherwise known as the "microwave background"). Purportedly, this has existed since the universe began. Also, it has been discovered that there are many dark recesses of the universe, represented by black holes and other large gaps.

Understanding the Nature of Consciousness

Some leading thinkers believe that consciousness exists in microtubules in the brain cells. These microtubules are the main quantum processing sites. When you die, this data leaves your physical body, along with your consciousness. Therefore, your soul is made from the building blocks of the universe, and probably existed since time began. Your brain is simply an amplifier and receiver for proto consciousness, which is intrinsically linked to the essence of spacetime.

Life After Death

Nonetheless, the quantum data inside the microtubules remains intact. This data can not be destroyed, it simply redistributes and reintegrates into the universe as a whole. In patients who are revived and resuscitated, this quantum data will return to the microtubules. These patients will think that they have had an out of body experience. With patients who die, it is conceivable that this quantum data could exist forever, as a soul, separately from the body.

Dispelling Common Misconceptions

These days, lots of people still equate quantum metaphysics with fantasy and science fiction. However, in reality, it is a credible scientific field. While it operates at the margins of science, it is supported by an ever growing quantity of evidence. Quantum metaphysics has raised many valid issues about observation, perception, reality and the way the universe behaves. Furthermore, it has facilitated the advancement of several other areas of science, which dispute the premise of many commonly held scientific beliefs.